Are you a buyer and looking for your desired product or service? The good news is that AdsFortune is here to provide all you want. However, be smart in selecting the seller to buy from. Here, we bring you a thorough guide about how to use AdsFortune and how to select a perfect seller for you.

Sign up or Log-in

Being a buyer on AdsFortune, you do not need to create an account. You can simply view the ads post, find your desired product ads and contact the seller through the given contact details. However, whenever you contact the seller, provide him/her the reference that you saw their ads on the AdsFortune.

Search Your Product

To start as a buyer on AdsFortune, you have to search the product/service. To search, you have two options; either use search bar given on the Home page or visit our Categories List. Be specific in your search and instead of phrases, use keywords.

Choose Seller

To choose a seller, there are some rules such as low price shouldn’t be the criteria. It is observed that low priced products are usually cheap in quality. Always go for the quality over the price. Since we provide no e-commerce solution here, you will have to contact the seller through the contact details provided by him/her. Seller with contact number is more reliable. Featured Ads is not the indicator that the seller is reliable. Featured Ads is just another characteristic of our website where we enable the sellers shave their ads appear on the front.


If you are looking for a product/service and you cannot find it on the AdsFortune, you can sign up for the newsletter to get the updates. So, whenever that particular product/service is posted, you will be notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also find more details about AdsFortune, how it works, how to use the website and for what purpose on our FAQs page.

Read Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Being a buyer on AdsFortune, you must be familiar with the terms of use and privacy policy enacted by AdsFortune. Terms of Use simply the terms on the way you use the website whereas Privacy Policy implies the policy of AdsFortune in collecting your data.


Contact Us

In case of any query or concern, you can always reach us through the Contact form.