We promise guaranteed secure interaction at AdsFortune, as we prioritise the provision of a protected environment so that our clients can communicate with confidence. Your information is valuable and we consider it our prime responsibility to keep your data inaccessible and safe. In order to explain the customers how our company functions, we have formulated a comprehensive Privacy Policy that precisely defines the mode of functioning practiced at AdsFortune. Hence, the intricate process of data collection along with use and disclosure of the private information is explicitly defined to assure convenient dealing. Following are the details that will assist you in providing the required information, as may be required, to benefit from our professional services:

Accumulation of Personal Data

While you decide to buy or sell products with the assistance of this forum, we collect your personal information. Your data is stored on our secure, impenetrable databases to provide quality services and assistance. We may ask for details such as your name, email ID, contact number, gender, date of birth, postal address, payment mode, bank account number and other similar information. The sole purpose of collection of such records is to assure the best user-experience along with improvised system of transactions. This data is used when processing your orders and hereby offering you outstanding services at our universal forum. More importantly, the collected information is to administer and verify your account, regulate transactional payments, monitor performance, identify visitors and improvise the contents on the web page to share with you in-depth details of the products, which you wish to obtain. It is essential to provide correct data that may not be in any way misleading.

Disclosure of Private Information

The only time we disclose or share your personal details is to comply with the legal requirements, protect any member’s right and react to impose claims regarding any content or discussion on our web page. Generally, the data is revealed in accordance with the law, which is essential for keeping a record of company’s elevated stature. Additionally, the details are shared with the third parties and service providers when the products are extended as a result of joint venture. Other possibilities that may result in exposition of your information can be during any criminal investigations or fraudulent cases. However, merging of business may also require client’s data.

Association with Third Parties

Your personal information can be given to the contractors and agents, who are a part of the venture to popularise and publicise our services worldwide. Likewise, we may also pass your information to other companies and third parties, who help us deliver your products and collect payments. If the business is sold to another party, all the information and details are handed over to enable them deal with any risky situations with considerable ease. Apart from the aforementioned scenarios, we do not extend the information of our customers with anyone and take all the fundamental steps to practice privacy policy under any circumstances.

Research & Marketing

Your information is kept anonymous and is only used for research and statistical analyses. However, it is your choice to either participate in any public surveys that we conduct or skip it if you want to keep away from your identity being revealed. The other reason for using your information is that we sent promotional messages, newsletters, and emails to our clients to keep them updated with the latest offers. However, considering the ease of our clients, we allow them to choose if they would like us to approach them through the aforesaid modes. We do what pleases our clients the most.

Secure Personal Account

In order to provide a protected interaction, we have advised you to keep strong passwords of your designated accounts. A specialised set of characters can help to create a unique pattern of password, which will not be easier to be breached. However, if you forget your password, you could lose your personal information thereby making it accessible to others. Hence, as soon as you discover that you cannot login to your account make sure that you immediately notify our team members. We will take all the necessary actions to retrieve your account and secure your details but we are not solely responsible, if somehow your information is accessed or disclosed.

Intellectual Rights

You own every right to restrict our access to your personal information thereby requesting us to inhibit using your details for promotional and marketing purposes. If you find any inaccurate information, inform us instantly so that we can make changes free of cost to update your details.

Dispatching Cookies

Generally, cookies are essential for accessing our website; however it can be viewed upon refusing its acceptance. Cookies are small files that assist in making the user-experience ideal and extraordinary. Please accept the assurance that the cookies do not require storing any personal and private information.