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Eligibility & Acceptance

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Registration Formalities

Upon registering to our website, the seller is requested to provide accurate information such as username and password. It is strongly advised that the user maintains the confidentiality of his/her account by limiting public access and shall be held responsible for any activity that takes place through their account. Any breach in the compliance of the obligations due to disclosure will result in disqualification of the user and they shall not be eligible to continue using our services. However,

Immediately notify if you observe any peculiar or unauthorised activity that imposes breach of security.

You are entitled to use the account, which has been designated to you only. If in case, you use an account registered to another user, it is your duty to inform us.

Personal details such as email ID, contact number and other information provided by the user should be authentic and complete.

Reimbursement shall be applicable if unusual or illegal activity is observed in any account and any information shared should be treated as confidential.

Rights, Ownership & Submission

You understand that AdsFortune is a forum designed to enable correspondence between the buyers and vendors, therefore, varied content is present on the website each highlighting different features. Henceforth, you will be exposed to versatile content from many sources and we shall not be responsible for examining the accuracy, usability or the intellectual rights of the posted data, making you liable only for your use of the website and not the company.

By submitting to accept our services, you attain the ownership rights that enable you to become the sole entity free for accessing any information, online distribution of services and attain perpetual rights to earn benefits from our website. The user is capable of displaying, reproducing and distributing the granted user submissions as per the practices of the company in present and future. However, all the rights are contracted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Important Considerations

It is strictly advised to post the information in the designated category to ensure easy access and understanding of your buyers. Any content that is found to be stolen, false, unlawful and inaccurate shall be taken seriously and legal action would be immediately taken against that individual or company in order to regain the trust of our customers. We strive to provide a forum where both the buyers and sellers can easily benefit from the portrayal of compliance to the terms. The company shall not be held responsible, under any circumstances, to any legal notice.

Purpose of the Website

AdsFortune is brought into existence to provide a quality interaction between the business and marketers to ease the complex process of transactions of products and services. On the other hand, if the party fails to deliver or extend the promised products, Ad Fortune shall not be subjected to any warning or threat as the company has no control over the purchased or sold items. We do not endorse any supplier’s services or buyer’s commitment and have no contribution in manufacturing, selling or imposing of any kind of rules and representations.

Liabilities & Indemnity

Except as explicitly stated, the buyer or seller shall not under any condition be allowed to impose any kind of liabilities against the team members of Ads Fortune that includes its representatives, subordinates, affiliates, agents and employees. You are bound to hold the aforementioned members free of any allegation, claim, damage, harm and expenses. We strictly adhere to the Terms and Conditions and expect our clients to keep revisiting the clauses, in case of any changes, alterations and additions made to improvise the standard of provision of services.